Wing Chun Kung Fu teacher with group of students at the Kung Fu academy

Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a style that is well-known across the world. Based on reflexive movements, this system allows a practitioner to defend themselves when caught unarmed or within a surprise situation.  Made popular by actor Bruce Lee and Donnie Yen, Wing Chung is a very recognizable style of martial arts that is suitable for any person to learn and practice.

What is Wing Chun Kung Fu?

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a fighting style that focuses on eliminating opponents as fast and as efficiently as possible. To do this, the attacks are aimed at the centerline of the opponent, which is a vertical line from the crown of the head straight down to the crotch.

The centerline of the body contains every vital point to attack for maximum impact with minimum force. Areas within the centerline include the eyes, nose, chin, throat, solar plexus, navel, groin, and knees. Not only are these points very painful to endure, but they can also cover vital organs. Repeatedly attacking centerline areas will deliver pain and possible internal damage.

When you strike an opponent on the centerline, you ensure that the body of the opponent absorbs the full force of the attack. You can see this principle in motion when you punch a boxing bag. When you hit the bag off-center, some of that impact is redirected, spinning the bag. If you hit the bag in the center, the impact cannot go anywhere else, and the bag absorbs the full impact of the blow. The same is true for the human body. If you hit an opponent’s body off-center, that impact will make the torso turn or spin. When you hit your opponent in the middle of his body along the centerline, the body absorbs the full impact of the blow.

Wing Chun Kung Fu teacher with group of students at the Kung Fu academy


Who Can Learn Wing Chun Kung Fu?

The Wing Chun philosophy is all about technique and not brute force or strength. This means that a smaller practitioner of this martial art with superior technique can beat a larger or stronger opponent. This style of Kung Fu can be successfully taught to anyone interested to learn, regardless of physical appearance. 

Aside from good health and physical fitness, there are no physical requirements to become a good Wing Chun Kung fu practitioner. However, that does not mean that learning this style of martial arts is easy. As with any martial arts skill, it will take time and dedication to learn, understand, and fully master these kung fu techniques.

Can I Use Wing Chun Kung Fu In A Street Fight? 

Wing Chun is highly effective in street fights. In fact, it was designed for that sole purpose. All Wing Chung techniques have one goal: to take your opponent out. The extreme efficiency of the Wing Chung techniques is one of the reasons that this martial arts style does not exist as a competitive sport. 

Of course, when practitioners train this style, it is of utmost importance to be considerate towards training partners. Beginners start a training schedule where they practice techniques without partners and skills on wooden dummies while they learn the importance of training etiquette and how to not hurt your sparring partner.

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The Importance Of The Wing Chun Stance

This martial art has several recognizable characteristics: the centerline, the stance, and emphasis on balance. This stance is such that the feet are at shoulder width with the toes pointing inwards. Knees are bent, and the thighs are rotated inward as if you are trying to squeeze something between them. Fists are held to the sides with elbows tucked in close to the body. This stable stance forms the basis of every attack and counter-attack. View the correct stance in the image below.

Wing Chun Kung Fu stance

With this stance, posture is very important. When your body is aligned and straight, it provides a connection to the ground, which will reinforce the strength of your punch or kick. It will also help you recover from an attack much faster.

Wing Chun practitioners are prone to use footwork to get closer to an opponent rather than a strike or kick that could compromise their balance. Attacks such as high kicks force a fighter to expose vulnerable areas, and that is the last you want during a street fight.

 “The Wing Chun Kung Fu stance is like a piece of bamboo. Firm but flexible. Rooted but yielding.”



The Origins of Wing Chun Kung Fu

There are many overlapping or conflicting stories about the origin of Wing Chun Kung Fu. However, the most widespread story involves the nun Ng Mui teaching this art to a young woman named Wing Chun. Wing Chun was taught the art of Wing Chun to defeat a warlord who wanted to marry her. Wing Chun used the art of Wing Chung to defeat the warlord and then went on to marry her love, Leung Bok Chau. After their marriage, Wing Chun taught her husband the art. Leung Bok Chau then taught another student to who also passed this martial art on as well. 

Wing Chun philosophy and lineage

From this image, you can see the long list of students and masters that span the generations. As this martial art passed from master to student down the line, each generation added on and incorporated their own techniques and skills such as swords, wooden man keys, or six-and-a-half-point long pole technique. Today, this this graceful martial art is still popular through the mainstream and we continue to teach it at the Maling Shaolin Kungfu Academy. 

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