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Emma Lunde, Shaolin.

Emma Lunde, 18, Norwegian, Female, 3 months Shaolin program.   Before I came to the school I had no prior experience with martial arts, let alone kung fu. In fact, everyone I know was surprised to hear that I, a shy ballerina-girl, was going all the way from Norway to China to learn martial arts. I even … Continue reading Emma Lunde, Shaolin.

Jauffrey Poubil, Shaolin&sanda.

Jauffrey Poubil, 27, Netherlands, 2 years Shaolin&sanda program. Email: jauffrey@live.nl   A lot of people asked me about my time here. Especially new students. Well this is how I experienced it. I just finished my 2 year stay here at the Maling Shaolin Kungfu Academy. When I came here I didn’t had any martial arts experience … Continue reading Jauffrey Poubil, Shaolin&sanda.

Michael Durojaiye, England

I would like to say that the school has taught me a lot, like: – being positive – peace of mind – working as a team – strong mind – pushing myself It has been a journey, first aim was to drop my weight, which Master Du helped me with. My sanda got better, which … Continue reading Michael Durojaiye, England

Kevin Sa, 24, America

I’ve had the great honor of staying almost a full year at the school. I was welcomed and shown both respect and understanding from students and staff as soon as I entered. Every student was new at one point, and the first two weeks are the typical transitioning period to adjust to the training. Academy … Continue reading Kevin Sa, 24, America

George Sklavounos, Shaolin&sanda.

George Sklavounos, 23, male, Australia, two months Shaolin&sanda. I loved my time at Maling Shaolin Kung Fu Academy. The training was rigorous and amazing, the masters are ridiculous feats of human engineering, and everyone was so nice and friendly that from the minute I arrived I felt instantly welcomed. Everything — from eating unlimited pizza … Continue reading George Sklavounos, Shaolin&sanda.

Louise Dixon, tai chi&meditation.

Louise Dixon, 47, female, British, April 2014. Email:louloulou1001@gmail.com  I had no idea what to expect going to the Maling Kung Fu Academy and so I thought it was important to write a student experience not only for you readers but also to show how grateful I am to everyone at the academy. I’m a 47 year old … Continue reading Louise Dixon, tai chi&meditation.

Avi Karia, 1 year Shaolin&wing chun.

Avi Karia, 26, male, England, one year Shaolin&sanda&wing chun&baji program.  Email:avistar@hotmail.co.uk       First of all, if you are reading this, then you have already made the first steps in getting to China and studying martial arts. I thoroughly recommend that you do, and I promise you will not regret it! For me it was the best … Continue reading Avi Karia, 1 year Shaolin&wing chun.

Fouche Burgers, Shaolin&qigong.

Fouche Burgers, 22, male, South Africa, 3 months Shaolin&acrobatics. I wold like to start by thanking my master for being an amazing teacher. Even with a language barrier master Lee managed to be the best marshal arts teacher I ever had.  I found master Lee to be very patient with his students even wen he … Continue reading Fouche Burgers, Shaolin&qigong.

Sabrina Bröckel, 6 months Shaolin.

German, female,18, 6 months Shaolin&qigong. Email:sabrina96@gmail.com    I want to thank all of you so much for everything you did for me. I learned a lot from every single person at Maling Shan Acadamy – both staff and students. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you. I really didn’t think spending half a … Continue reading Sabrina Bröckel, 6 months Shaolin.