Justine Alcaraz, 21, France

Justine Alcaraz, 21, France

When I decided to go to this school, I did not know what was going to happen.. I was really interested in trying this challenge and really scared too. I had never done martial arts. For me, Kung Fu was a child’dream.. it was just possible in the movies! But, I was wrong. I saw and lived unthinkable things and moments which will stay in my mind all my life. Life is so different from what I knew.

First of all, both Kung Fu Masters Bao and Can are incredible persons! What they are able to do is so impressive that you cannot trust it, so fast, so precise, so high, so strong !!!! They are very nice persons even with somebody like me who was a beginner, they have been always very attentive to me and very nice teachers, always explaining the best way with a lot of patience and teaching skills.

I just stayed 5 weeks but could progress a lot thanks to them and could the last week break a brick !!! Lessons are hard, very serious but always friendly and everybody is very attentive to you. It is kind of a big Family, there is no competition between us but respect and comprehension.

When I arrived, some people had been here for several months and of course level was very different but I never felt alone ! Master Bao and the others were always helping me. It is really a big Family. Lisa, Master’s Bao wife and Sophie, the chinese translator are always trying to help us for administration papers or Chinese lessons. Master Bao’s mother is a really good chef and her very good food give us the strength to face the exercices!

I made very easily good friends with people from all over the world. There is a real harmony between Masters, their Family and students. It is like a second Family, I had never known that before. On week-ends, we are off, no calss so our main activity were visiting the cities around, buying fruits, playing basket-ball, snooker that I discovered and buying chocolate, our best vitamins !!!!!

Chinese people in all what I saw are very friendly, curious, polite…. you feel good when you walk in the streets….and when you do not succeed in being understood, you speak with the hands and then burst laughing with the Chinese people.

A few words will stay in my mind for ever : more power, kick higher, faster and so many more…of course, they are our Masters’ words!!

I could talk for hours about the greatest experience of my life which is so rich for yourself. Life is so peaceful, so quite…it is pure Harmony ! I really hope to come back and spend more time here.