Shaolin master Yan

Shaolin Master Yan

Shaolin master Yan

Master Shi Yan Kun, also known as Master Yan by the students, is a 34th Shaolin Warrior Monk from the original Shaolin Temple in Henan province. Both a Shaolin kung fu and mantis master, he specializes in Shaolin fist, weapons, Sanda, mantis, free combat, and Qigong.

Master Yan has been studying under Grandmasters since he was a child. At the age of eight, he studied plum blossom fist form under the guidance of the famous Master Bian Zhaoyan. At the age of 12, he trained Shaolin fist, Shaolin staff, mantis fist, Xingyi fist under senior Shaolin Grandmaster Shi Deqian. 

During Master Yan’s over twenty years as a Kungfu practitioner, he has won many awards at provincial, national and international martial arts competitions. Achievements and accolades include:

2002: The second prize in the Xuzhou Sunshine martial arts Competition.

2005: The first prize in Dengfeng martial arts competition.

2006:  The second prize in Dengfeng free combat Competition.

2008: Joined the army and participated in the 60th-anniversary national day parade and won the title of an excellent soldier.

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