Master Tang

Shaolin Master Tang

Master Tang

Master Shi Yan Jian (Tang) is a 34th generation Shaolin Warrior Monk who learned martial arts at a young age. He graduated from the Tianjin University of Sport Martial Arts School and learned from Grandmasters Shi De Gen and Shi Yong Jie (Zhang Shijie). As the first and last disciple of Grandmaster Shi Yong Jie, he is proficient in both Shaolin fist and weapons. 

With both a natural-born talent and years of dedicated training, Master Tang has earned the following honorable titles and accolades:

Firstclass National Referee

Fristclass National Sportsman

Firstclass National Martial Artist

Master Shi Yan Jian never stops perfecting his skill, and that dedication spills over into his teaching. He is very encouraging and patient with his students and is passionate about sharing his love and talent for traditional Chinese martial arts. 

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