Shaolin master li

Shaolin Master Li

Shaolin master li

Shaolin Master Li (Shi Yan Qiang), is a 34th generation Shaolin warrior monk from the original Shaolin Temple. Born in Zhengyang County, he graduated from Shaolin Fist School and is both a Shaolin master and Wing Chun master. He has taught Shaolin martial arts since 2013 and was named excellent coach by Dengfeng martial arts Management Center in 2014.

During his years as a Kung fu practitioner, he has won many awards and accolades such as first place in Shaolin Fist and Broadsword in the Competition and also was the Champion of the traditional soft weapon at the National Wushu Tournament (champion of animal fist).

In 2015, he was invited to participate in a series of domestic and international TV programs such as CCTV4 “Extraordinary Legend,” “Fun with the 7 National Days,” and Shanghai Oriental TV “Extreme Challenge.” He was also interviewed by Africa Times, China-Greece Times, Middle East Network TV, for his work and skill in martial arts.

Shaolin Master Li has also performed at many Wushu shows and cultural activities. These activities were performed overseas in Dubai, South Africa, Greece, and many other countries and regions.

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