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The system of our fees are very easy and transparent . There are only two steps:

1. A one-time non-refundable $100 registration fee, paid before your arrival at the academy.

2. The academy fees, according to the list below, can be paid within the first week after your arrival.

All of these prices include:

•  All training classes, more than 6hrs/day, 5 days/week
•  Free use of all training facilities & Free Wifi internet
•  Full room and board with 3 meals a day the whole week
•  Optional classes (e.g. Mandarin, Massage, Theory, etc.)
•  On-site English-translator
•  Certificate of achievements and weapon certificate
•  Free use of heaters,automatic washing machine, oven,fridge, etc
•  Hot shower and western toilets
•  Wushu performance & competition (if available)

The only additional costs are $50-$60 for pick-up service at Xuzhou or Lianyungang Airport or Xuzhou Train Station, and a fair charge if you require a single room (if available)

school price, training cost

The per-month cost is reduced by $30 every further month you stay for (i.e. staying for 2 months will be $30 less per month; staying for 3 months will be $60 less per month and so on) in order to motivate students to study longer.

Students who wish to study for one year or more will get an even greater discount:

school fees training fees

The price for studying 6 months includes 2 free basic weapons, a staff and a broadsword. The  price for studying one year includes the 2 free basic weapons as well as a free Shaolin training suit.

You can get a refund if you have to leave the academy early for some fair reason. However, refunds are not given to students who book for one month or less, or whose remaining stay is less than one month. Please read the refund rules before you decide a period of stay.

All our prices are in US Dollars, but Euros and Pounds are acceptable as well.
The prices & fees will be adjusted according to the fluctuation of Chinese commodity prices and the exchange rate.

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For long term students a monthly budget of 100-200$ as “pocket money” is sufficient for most students to cover for extra training equipment, clothes, trips and snacks.
Short term students of 1-3 months might want 200-300$ pr. month since they have a tendency to do more trips and buy more souvenirs/presents due to their shorter stay.

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