Kung Fu Masters

All of our Kung fu academy teachers are experienced Kung fu Masters who specialize in different Chinese martial arts styles. The number of Masters we have at our Kung fu academy is adjusted based on the number of students enrolled at any given time. This flexibility provides our students with a low student to teacher ratio so each student will have more one-on-one attention with their Master. 

Each Maling Shaolin Kungfu Academy Master brings their own training and kung fu style to our school. As a student, you have the opportunity to choose one Master to follow, or you can also select a variety of different kung fu styles or Masters to train with. No matter what path you take on your kung fu training journey, we guaranteed that our academy only offers highly skilled and professional Shaolin Kung Fu Masters to teach you during your stay.

Grandmaster Shi De Qian – Honored Predecessor & Master


Grandmaster Shi De Qian (deceased) is the dearly beloved and highly respected Kung fu Master and founder of the Maling Shaolin Kungfu Academy in China. Today, his teachings are applied throughout the academy and they honor both his spirit and pass along his lessons and passion for Kung Fu styles.

Master Shi Xing Jian – Founder, Shaolin & Taichi Master


Master Shi Xing Jian, also known as Master Bao, is the founder and headmaster of the academy. Master Bao is a 32nd Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk from the original Shaolin Temple. Master Bao is an outstanding martial artist, a national first-level coach, and successor of Yi Jin Jing. He also has many years of experience in teaching international students from around the world.

Master Ning – Taichi & Qigong Master

master ning tai chi master qigong master

Master Ning Jianxiang is a Tai chi, Qigong, and Xinyi Master. Born in Xuzhou, the hometown of ancient Chinese martial arts, Master Ning has been studying martial arts for many years. Through his studies and practice, Master Ning has won the first prize of Chen style tai chi and the second prize of Chen style Tai Chi sword form in the first International Wushu Competition of Xuzhou. 

Master Tang –  Shaolin, Wing Chun & Bagua Master


Master Shi Yan Jian (Tang) is a 34th generation Shaolin Warrior Monk who learned martial arts at a young age. He graduated from the Tianjin University of Sport Martial Arts School and learned from Grandmasters Shi De Gen and Shi Yong Jie (Zhang Shijie). As the first and last disciple of Grandmaster Shi Yong Jie, he is proficient in both Shaolin fist and weapons.

Master Yan – Shaolin & Mantis Master

master yan, shaolin master, mantis master

Master Shi Yan Kun, also known as Master Yan by the students, is a 34th Shaolin Warrior Monk from the original Shaolin Temple in Henan province. Both a Shaolin kung fu and mantis master, Master Tan specializes in Shaolin fist, weapons, Sanda, mantis, free combat, and Qigong.

Master Li – Shaolin & Wing Chun Master

Master Li Shaolin Master

Master Shi Yan Qiang, also known as Master Li by the students, is a 34th generation Shaolin warrior monk from the original Shaolin Temple. Born in Zhengyang County, he graduated from Shaolin Fist School and is both a Shaolin master and Wing Chun master. He has taught Shaolin martial arts since 2013 and was named excellent coach by Dengfeng martial arts Management Center in 2014.

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