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Xinyi City

Xinyi City is a county-level city in the Jiangsu Province. Xinyi is in the middle of 5 other big cities Xuzhou, Suqian, Huaiying, Lianyungang and Linqi located in the Shandong Province. With extremely convenient railways and highway transportation, it takes about an hour of driving to any of the five other cities and 3-5 hours to Nanjing or Shanghai. The city is 50 km away from both Lianyungang Baitabi Airport and Xuzhou Guanyin Airport and its population is close to one million.
Xinyi is the city closets to the school and where most shopping is done together with relaxing with a massage, singing karaoke, eat a burger or playing pool.

Xuzhou City

Situated in the northwest of Jiangsu, Xuzhou City is one of the most well-known Chinese transportation hubs. Two of China’s most important rail lines, Beijing-Shanghai that runs north-south direction, and Lianyungang-Urumqi that goes from east to west, meet in Xuzhou.

With a history of 2,600 years, Xuzhou is a historical city with critical strategic importance from military views. It is known as a notable battlefield in China’s history, from ancient dynasties to modern republics. More than two hundred famous battles have been fought on this land and total forces engaged in both military sides in each battle reached between 10,000 to one million in order to control the area.

The natural beauty of Xuzhou mixes the character from both the North and South of China. The old Yellow River flows through the city by which the Grand Canal passes. Surrounding the city are the green hills and bodies of water connecting the whole city and forming the special sceneries. The enriched cultural soil and delightful natural scenery make Xuzhou one of the wonderful tourist-attracting cities.

Maling mountain:

In ancient times, Maling Mountain was known as Siwu Mountain, which is composed of Fengshan Hill, Doushan Hill, Tiger Hill, Nanna Hill and Daylily Range. That’s why local people also call it the Five-Sister Mountain. Although the mountain is not very high, rows of hills cover each other and present a kind of mysterious beauty. People regard this area as the best scenery of northern Jiangsu and the mountain’s elegance and grandeur are well-known in the whole region. Qianlong Emperor of Qing Dynasty made six tours to south China and paid a visit to this mountain three times. He wrote down several lines of poetry to praise the magnificent beauty of Maling Mountain.

More recently, our ancestors called this mountain Ling Mountain or Maling Mountain. It is a low upland located on the northern Jiangsu Province, to the south of Shandong Province. The mountain originates from Cao Village in Linshu County, wanders hundreds kilometers through Tancheng County, Donghai County, and Xinyi City and reaches Luoma Lake in Suqian City as its final destination. This spot enjoys picturesque scenery with birds singing and flowers radiating their fragrance. There is ample natural and cultural scenery here and countless scenic spots of historical significance. Examples are the Sanxian Cave, Sanzhen Grotto, Dragon Stage, Quanchaolv Yard, Buddhist Hall, clear dawning in Siwu Mountain, Dragon spring rainfall, Imperial Academy Tomb, Qianlong Emperor Xanadu and the site of ancient Siwu State.

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