Chi Kung (Qigong)


Chi Kung (Qigong)

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese energy (Qi) practice. Qi means energy, Gong means work. It is based on the concept of Qi energy which flows through the body. It is used for both medical and health purposes and to improve ones martial arts practice. Most Qi Gong is now a mixture between Taoist & Buddhist energy cultivation practices. Qi Gong is a self-healing art that combines movement and meditation.

When speaking of Qi Gong, firstly, we should understand what the essence of “Qi” is. There are many kinds of “Qi,” but Chinese traditional culture emphasizes that the most basic one is “Yuan Qi” – the origin of all living things. Yuan Qi is an engine or an anchor for human’s growth, metabolism and physical development. Yuan Qi also plays an important role in fighting off illnesses. So Chinese medicine teaches that the life all depends on the circulation of Qi.

Qi Gong is founded on a whole life outlook, related to the law of nature. When practicing it, you mainly take the initiative of your own consciousness .The content includes 3 adjustments: to adjust your mind in peace, to adjust your body into the best condition and to adjust your breath in balance .If you keep training regularly and persisting, gradually the function of many parts of your body will be greatly enhanced and step by step, your health condition will be improved. The practice is able to improve quality of life, and naturally transmute and develop a deeper awareness of subtle energies.

Qi Gong and Kung Fu

All great Kung Fu makes use of energy training (chi kung) to develop internal force, without which it remains at the external, mechanical level, considered by Chinese martial artists as rather rough and inferior. Kung fu training with qi gong enhances harmonious chi flow, thus promoting health, vitality and longevity.

Qi Gong and Zen

There are three aspects in all types of qi gong, namely: form (xing), energy (qi) and mind. If you practice only the form, without the energy and mind dimensions, you are merely performing physical exercise; strictly speaking not qi gong, for there is no training of energy. For an effective control of energy, you have to enter what is called in modern terms a Zen state of mind. In the past, this was called “entering Zen”(ru chan) or “entering silence”(ru ding).

When you are in Zen or a meditative state of mind, you can, among other things, tap energy from the cosmos and direct that energy to flow into wherever you want in your body. It is this mind aspect of qi gong, even more than its energy aspect,  that enables qi gong masters to perform what lay people would think of as miraculous, or, depending on their attitude, fakery.

Qi Gong styles

Dynamic Qi gong, static Qi gong, dynamic and static Qi gong.
Dynamic Qigong means to combine the body’s moves with mind and to breath to achieve a peaceful mind through a moving body. The usually practiced forms in the Shaolin Temple are Ba Duan Jin, Yi Jin Jing and Xi Sui Jing.
Static Qigong uses standing, sitting and posing postures to combine the practicing mind, and high speed breath. The mind practices to gain, calculate, and control qi. This form of qi gong can be practiced through meditating standing still, in the sitting lotus position or through a meditation in pose.
Dynamic and static Qigong is based on static Qi gong, to use qi and blood to drive the body to move or even jump high and fly.

The practice of Qi Gong has three requirements.

1. Regulating your breathing (breath naturally)
2. Controlling your mind (get rid of your distracting thoughts)
3. Regulate your body (keep your body coordinated naturally)

Benefits of Qi Gong
According to Chinese medicine, practicing chi kung can cure as well as prevent all kinds of illness, including diseases like asthma, diabetes, hypertension and cancer which are generally considered “incurable” by conventional medicine. Practicing chi kung is also very effective for overcoming psychological problems.

There are many wonderful benefits derived from practising Shaolin Cosmos Qi Gong:
Curing illness and promoting health.
Enhancing vitality and developing internal force.
Promoting youth and longevity.
Expanding the mind and the intellect. Spiritual cultivation.

In a word, practising Qi gong can strengthen your body and mind, which can help you in combat or competition . The longer you practice, the more Qi you will obtain.

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