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Can i book a private room?

The rooms are quite spacious, and normally shared by two students. However, it’s  still possible to have a room of your own, with paying extra amount of money, which depends on the room vacancy.

Can i take time off?

Yes, it’s totally fine for a long term student to take some time off either for going back home, or visiting friends in China, or travel to see some places in China.

How much money should I bring?

Our Academy provides students full room and board, so it’s not necessary to bring a lot of extra money for spending unless you want to buy souvenirs, shop or plan to travel in China. All you need is some pocket money for food (snacks), a massage at the weekends, some clothes, etc. Students are likely … Continue reading How much money should I bring?

How can I get a Chinese visa? Where should I go?

We recommend you to apply for a Chinese business/visiting visa (F) or study visa (X2).  To get the visa you will need an official  letter from the school,  which we will send to you when the application fee is received. You would want to check their website before going there in person,  check their working … Continue reading How can I get a Chinese visa? Where should I go?

Will I get a certificate after I complete my studies?

Yes, every student receives a certificate with the Academy’s official stamp before leaving. Everything mastered will be stated on it as well as the comments your master gave you under the gradings.

How can I contact my family and friends?

If you wish to contact your family and friends regularly, we recommend you to bring your phone or laptop. You can also buy a Chinese SIM card for your phone. Internet (WIFI) in the office is free to use, you can also set up internet in your room ($25/month). Facebook, Google and Youtube are not … Continue reading How can I contact my family and friends?

Can I have internet set up in my room?

Yes, you will have internet in your room. There is free wi-fi in the entire building, including all the student rooms. An internet cable is available upon request.

I am vegetarian, is there food provided for me?

All meals have vegetarian options. Generally there are about 3-4 plates of different foods to choose from during meals, with only 2 or 3 of them containing meat. Any special dietary concerns should be communicated to the Academy before arrival to better accommodate students.

What is the safest way to carry and exchange money?

There are many ATM’s in town that accept debit and credit cards, so you can just bring your home bank card with you when coming to China. Bring around 1000 yuan in cash and then your bank card. Payment to the school can be done via bank transfer or paypal so it is only pocket … Continue reading What is the safest way to carry and exchange money?

What can I do on weekends? Are meals provided?

We provide three meals a day for the whole week, though students are free to eat out on the weekends. Students can stay at the academy to relax, use internet in their room, train on their own, or go exploring the area.  Many students use one of the days in the weekend for shopping and … Continue reading What can I do on weekends? Are meals provided?

Can I extend my visa if I wish to study longer?

Yes you can. It doesn’t matter what type of visa you obtained before coming to the Academy, we can help you prepare all required documents to get visa extensions. For most countries, the cost is only $35, but it costs $150 for American students. For students staying here longer than 1 year an out of … Continue reading Can I extend my visa if I wish to study longer?

When can i start?

You are free to join us any time, there are no fixed starting dates. You can either arrive during the week or at weekends. However, you do need to apply and book a place before coming. After your arrival you are free to start training as soon as you are ready for it. If you … Continue reading When can i start?

What kind of clothes should I bring?

In summer, make sure to bring light, loose, comfortable fitting clothes. For winter, bring heavier clothing that will keep you warm but will also permit movement. Students are encouraged to bring a good pair of running-shoes with them. Find more information under practical information or at the student blog.

What is the weather like? Can i adapt to it?

The Summer is generally warm to hot. Spring and fall are mild and very comfortable. The winter is dry and about -5 to 12 degrees Celsius.  A overview over temparture and rainfall can be found in “Academy info” Most student has no issues to adapt to the weather, it will though take a little longer … Continue reading What is the weather like? Can i adapt to it?

What are the costs for studying at the Academy?

The tuition depends on how long you want to stay at the academy, the longer you stay, the cheaper the tuition. Tuition fees can be found under prices in the menu point “application and prices” Besides the tuition the only other thing you have to pay is the 100$ registration fee to secure your commitment … Continue reading What are the costs for studying at the Academy?

Should I prepare myself physically before coming?

Physical preparation is not strictly required. However, it will be helpful, since you will get used to the training schedule faster. Recommended are: Proper diet, running (2 km or so per day), swimming, cycling, skipping, push-ups, sit-ups, etc.

Do I need martial arts experience to attend the Academy?

No, we accept both beginners and experienced martial artists, since our Masters focus on the levels of the individual student.

How can I attend the Academy?

Step 1: Inquiry (contact us). Step 2: Apply online. Step 3: Pay $100 registration fee. Step 4: Apply for a Chinese visa & purchase flight tickets. Step 5: Arrange pickup. If you have any further questions feel free to send a mail to