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Can i book a private room?

The rooms are quite spacious, and normally shared by two students. However, it’s  still possible to have a room of your own, with paying extra amount of money, which depends on the room vacancy.

Can i take time off?

Yes, it’s totally fine for a long term student to take some time off either for going back home, or visiting friends in China, or travel to see some places in China.

How much money should I bring?

Our Academy provides students full room and board, so it’s not necessary to bring a lot of extra money for spending unless you want to buy souvenirs, shop or plan to travel in China. All you need is some pocket money for food (snacks), a massage at the weekends, some clothes, etc. Students are likely … Continue reading How much money should I bring?

Antoine Lagasse, 34, Belguim.

As a returning student, i was glad to see that the school spirit is still there – friendly school staff, always open to help – friendly students, carrying about each other – passionate and highly knowledgeable masters – intense training schedule – flexibility during the training session to adapt the training level to each person/group … Continue reading Antoine Lagasse, 34, Belguim.

How can I get a Chinese visa? Where should I go?

We recommend you to apply for a Chinese business/visiting visa (F) or study visa (X2).  To get the visa you will need an official  letter from the school,  which we will send to you when the application fee is received. You would want to check their website before going there in person,  check their working … Continue reading How can I get a Chinese visa? Where should I go?

Leifennie Ang, 22, Malaysia

Going to China to train in Malingshan was a spontaneous decision. I spent a good amount of time researching on other schools and decided on Malingshan due to the value of the training. I have never enjoyed going to the gym or working out but since I have made it a habit, I continued to … Continue reading Leifennie Ang, 22, Malaysia

Fouche Burgers, Shaolin&qigong.

Fouche Burgers, 22, male, South Africa, 3 months Shaolin&acrobatics. I wold like to start by thanking my master for being an amazing teacher. Even with a language barrier master Lee managed to be the best marshal arts teacher I ever had.  I found master Lee to be very patient with his students even wen he … Continue reading Fouche Burgers, Shaolin&qigong.

Valonda Theus, taiji&qigong.

Valonda Theus, 56, female, America. Email:      Maling Shaolin Kung Fu Academy is surrounded by an astonishing view of China’s countryside with remarkable scenery of farm life, lakes, and vegetation; which made everyday surreal in awakening to a new day of sunrises and sunsets, with the tranquility of peace and warmth as I begin my … Continue reading Valonda Theus, taiji&qigong.

Simon Featherston, 44, England

Hello, my name is Simon Featherston I am from England I live in Manchester, I am 44 years old and I trained at Maling Shaolin Academy for one year from January 2013 to January 2014. When I arrived at the academy I was a typical 44 years old English male by that I mean a … Continue reading Simon Featherston, 44, England

Bas van der laan, 6 months Shaolin.

Bas van der laan, 27,male,Netherlands, 6 months Shaolin&sanda program. Email:     It was my first time abroad, and I wanted to start my adventures from one place, just to get used to the Asian culture… and learn KUNGFU!!! I already had some experience with martial arts, but except for the kungfu movies and my dreams as a … Continue reading Bas van der laan, 6 months Shaolin.

Justine Alcaraz, 21, France

When I decided to go to this school, I did not know what was going to happen.. I was really interested in trying this challenge and really scared too. I had never done martial arts. For me, Kung Fu was a child’dream.. it was just possible in the movies! But, I was wrong. I saw … Continue reading Justine Alcaraz, 21, France

Roni Hasid, 24, Israel

I’ve trained martial arts, including kung fu, taekwondo and kick-box, for 2-3 years before coming to China, and I honestly thought I had a good amount of basic knowledge. But I soon realized there is no comparison. One month of training here is sometimes the equivalent of a whole year of training back at home. … Continue reading Roni Hasid, 24, Israel

Vikrant Singh, 19, India

My experience in Maling Shaolin Kung Fu Academy was really pleasant, enjoyable and not to forget tough ( training ). Out of the many things i liked about the academy the was most was the transparency between the staff and the students, Both Master Bao and Lisa will give you the best information on the … Continue reading Vikrant Singh, 19, India

Philip Kroft, 17, Switzerland

Hi I’m Philip I’m 17 years old. I was there for 6 months and had no idea what would happen to me there. I didn’t know kung fu, i have never been to China before, and could not speak Chinese, and not much English either, so I was not sure if I could get through … Continue reading Philip Kroft, 17, Switzerland

Olivia Leckie, New Zealand

They say that give something 100% and then try doing a bit more and you will be able to, meaning that you can always do more than you think. Learning Kung Fu in China is a bit like this, you will be amazed at what you can achieve and the longer you are there the more … Continue reading Olivia Leckie, New Zealand

Dane Davies, 25, England

This academy really is a wonderful place. The training and caring nature of the masters is unrivalled. The masters listen to your own goals and help push you to your limits. I only had a limited time of 7 weeks to spend here, whilst on a career break, but in this time I’ve learnt Staff, … Continue reading Dane Davies, 25, England