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Master Li – Shaolin & Wing Chun Master

Master Shi Yan Qiang, also known as Master Li by the students, is a 34th generation Shaolin warrior monk from the original Shaolin Temple. Born in Zhengyang County, he graduated from Shaolin Fist School and is both a Shaolin master and Wing Chun master. He has taught Shaolin martial arts since 2013 and was named … Continue reading Master Li – Shaolin & Wing Chun Master

Master Yan – Shaolin & Mantis master

Master Shi Yan Kun, also known as Master Yan by the students, is a 34th Shaolin Warrior Monk from the original Shaolin Temple in Henan province. Both a Shaolin kung fu and mantis master, he specializes in Shaolin fist, weapons, Sanda, mantis, free combat, and Qigong. Master Yan has been studying under Grandmasters since he … Continue reading Master Yan – Shaolin & Mantis master

Elchanan Lewis Shaolin&wing chun

Elchanan Lewis, male, 29, Israel. 8 months Shaolin&wingchun program.  Email:                 I stayed at the maling shaolin kung fu academy for 8 months. i had been training shaolin back home for a few years but only a few evening classes a week, and it definitely does not compare to full time ’round the … Continue reading Elchanan Lewis Shaolin&wing chun

Dallas EL-Hage, Shaolin&Taiji.

Dallas EL-Hage, male, 26. South African. 1 month Shaolin&taiji program.                                                                                                    … Continue reading Dallas EL-Hage, Shaolin&Taiji.

Lisbeth Killer, Qigong&taiji.

Lisbeth Killer, female, 37, USA, 3 weeks tai chi&meditation.    My first thought is that three weeks is no where near long enough!  It was far too short of time for a stay.  This is what I expected going into the program as I read the training plan online which clearly states it takes a minimum of … Continue reading Lisbeth Killer, Qigong&taiji.

Emma Lunde, Shaolin.

Emma Lunde, 18, Norwegian, Female, 3 months Shaolin program.   Before I came to the school I had no prior experience with martial arts, let alone kung fu. In fact, everyone I know was surprised to hear that I, a shy ballerina-girl, was going all the way from Norway to China to learn martial arts. I even … Continue reading Emma Lunde, Shaolin.

Jauffrey Poubil, Shaolin&sanda.

Jauffrey Poubil, 27, Netherlands, 2 years Shaolin&sanda program. Email:   A lot of people asked me about my time here. Especially new students. Well this is how I experienced it. I just finished my 2 year stay here at the Maling Shaolin Kungfu Academy. When I came here I didn’t had any martial arts experience … Continue reading Jauffrey Poubil, Shaolin&sanda.

Morten Pedersen, Shaolin&sanda

Morten Pedersen, male, Denmark, 1 year Shaolin&sanda program. Email:   The feelings inside me right now is maybe the hardest to describe in the world. We just stood there waiting, the guys around me played: every step I take, every move I make, I be missing you. I had a small speech prepared, but I just … Continue reading Morten Pedersen, Shaolin&sanda

Wiljan Hendrikx, Shaolin.

Wiljan Hendrikx, 26,male, Netherlands.  My one month stay at Maling Shaolin Kung Fu Academy was an intense but very rewarding and inspiring experience. Leaving the hassle of daily life behind me and going ‘back-to-basic’ helped me to get to know myself on a different level. The physical and mental challenge of practicing Kung Fu through … Continue reading Wiljan Hendrikx, Shaolin.

Gregory Nichols, Tai chi&wing chun.

Gregory Nichols, 30, male, England, 10 months Shaolin&wing chun. Email:   The academy was a place that I was initially going to have a break, calm my mind and focus on only training, I was not to know it was going to become so much more to me! It was a place I learnt … Continue reading Gregory Nichols, Tai chi&wing chun.

Matthew Harvey, 24, male, England

On my first day at Maling Kung Fu Academy I was a bag of nerves not exactly sure what to expect, however the nerves soon subsided from all the welcoming faces, both masters and students. My time here has been an out of this world experience, I’ve learned a lot more about myself through vigorous … Continue reading Matthew Harvey, 24, male, England

Michael Durojaiye, England

I would like to say that the school has taught me a lot, like: – being positive – peace of mind – working as a team – strong mind – pushing myself It has been a journey, first aim was to drop my weight, which Master Du helped me with. My sanda got better, which … Continue reading Michael Durojaiye, England

Kevin Sa, 24, America

I’ve had the great honor of staying almost a full year at the school. I was welcomed and shown both respect and understanding from students and staff as soon as I entered. Every student was new at one point, and the first two weeks are the typical transitioning period to adjust to the training. Academy … Continue reading Kevin Sa, 24, America

Simona Ancona, 42, Irish/Italian

The experience at the Maling Academy was definitely intense and life changing. The school is located in the countryside and is surrounded by beautiful corn fields. Such a peaceful environment helped me reconnect with myself and review my choices and priorities in life. I met so many people and each one of them taught me … Continue reading Simona Ancona, 42, Irish/Italian

Do they speak English at the academy?

Yes, the shifu´s have basic knowledge of English, enough to run training’s without misunderstandings on their own but most of the time there is a university educated translator present at all training´s. She is in charge of the mandarin classes and will further more be able to help translate/write notes and/or help with more complicated … Continue reading Do they speak English at the academy?

George Sklavounos, Shaolin&sanda.

George Sklavounos, 23, male, Australia, two months Shaolin&sanda. I loved my time at Maling Shaolin Kung Fu Academy. The training was rigorous and amazing, the masters are ridiculous feats of human engineering, and everyone was so nice and friendly that from the minute I arrived I felt instantly welcomed. Everything — from eating unlimited pizza … Continue reading George Sklavounos, Shaolin&sanda.

Louise Dixon, tai chi&meditation.

Louise Dixon, 47, female, British, April 2014.  I had no idea what to expect going to the Maling Kung Fu Academy and so I thought it was important to write a student experience not only for you readers but also to show how grateful I am to everyone at the academy. I’m a 47 year old … Continue reading Louise Dixon, tai chi&meditation.

Wayne Mulei, 2 months Shaolin&taiji.

Wayne  Mulei, 36, American, Male, May 2015—July 2015. Email:    My interest in the Maling school started with the website, student reviews, and videos on Youtube. However, my decision to actually come to this school was greatly assisted through the email correspondence with Lisa. Her emails were very encouraging to me. She answered any and all questions I … Continue reading Wayne Mulei, 2 months Shaolin&taiji.

Will I get a certificate after I complete my studies?

Yes, every student receives a certificate with the Academy’s official stamp before leaving. Everything mastered will be stated on it as well as the comments your master gave you under the gradings.

How can I contact my family and friends?

If you wish to contact your family and friends regularly, we recommend you to bring your phone or laptop. You can also buy a Chinese SIM card for your phone. Internet (WIFI) in the office is free to use, you can also set up internet in your room ($25/month). Facebook, Google and Youtube are not … Continue reading How can I contact my family and friends?

Can I have internet set up in my room?

Yes, you will have internet in your room. There is free wi-fi in the entire building, including all the student rooms. An internet cable is available upon request.

I am vegetarian, is there food provided for me?

All meals have vegetarian options. Generally there are about 3-4 plates of different foods to choose from during meals, with only 2 or 3 of them containing meat. Any special dietary concerns should be communicated to the Academy before arrival to better accommodate students.

What is the safest way to carry and exchange money?

There are many ATM’s in town that accept debit and credit cards, so you can just bring your home bank card with you when coming to China. Bring around 1000 yuan in cash and then your bank card. Payment to the school can be done via bank transfer or paypal so it is only pocket … Continue reading What is the safest way to carry and exchange money?

What can I do on weekends? Are meals provided?

We provide three meals a day for the whole week, though students are free to eat out on the weekends. Students can stay at the academy to relax, use internet in their room, train on their own, or go exploring the area.  Many students use one of the days in the weekend for shopping and … Continue reading What can I do on weekends? Are meals provided?

Can I extend my visa if I wish to study longer?

Yes you can. It doesn’t matter what type of visa you obtained before coming to the Academy, we can help you prepare all required documents to get visa extensions. For most countries, the cost is only $35, but it costs $150 for American students. For students staying here longer than 1 year an out of … Continue reading Can I extend my visa if I wish to study longer?

When can i start?

You are free to join us any time, there are no fixed starting dates. You can either arrive during the week or at weekends. However, you do need to apply and book a place before coming. After your arrival you are free to start training as soon as you are ready for it. If you … Continue reading When can i start?

What kind of clothes should I bring?

In summer, make sure to bring light, loose, comfortable fitting clothes. For winter, bring heavier clothing that will keep you warm but will also permit movement. Students are encouraged to bring a good pair of running-shoes with them. Find more information under practical information or at the student blog.

What is the weather like? Can i adapt to it?

The Summer is generally warm to hot. Spring and fall are mild and very comfortable. The winter is dry and about -5 to 12 degrees Celsius.  A overview over temparture and rainfall can be found in “Academy info” Most student has no issues to adapt to the weather, it will though take a little longer … Continue reading What is the weather like? Can i adapt to it?

What are the costs for studying at the Academy?

The tuition depends on how long you want to stay at the academy, the longer you stay, the cheaper the tuition. Tuition fees can be found under prices in the menu point “application and prices” Besides the tuition the only other thing you have to pay is the 100$ registration fee to secure your commitment … Continue reading What are the costs for studying at the Academy?

Should I prepare myself physically before coming?

Physical preparation is not strictly required. However, it will be helpful, since you will get used to the training schedule faster. Recommended are: Proper diet, running (2 km or so per day), swimming, cycling, skipping, push-ups, sit-ups, etc.

Do I need martial arts experience to attend the Academy?

No, we accept both beginners and experienced martial artists, since our Masters focus on the levels of the individual student.

Liang Yi

Liang Yi Quan is also known as Tai Yi Quan. The term ‘Liang Yi’, when literally translated, means ‘chaos’. Liang Yi is thus based on the notion of that which existed in the universe before the yin-yang balance of complementary forces came into being. Hence, while the yin-yang balance is normally represented by the Tai … Continue reading Liang Yi

Xing Yi

Xingyi boxing is known as one of the excellent Chinese traditional internal styles, emphasizing not only on training the body but crucially also, the mind. Xingyi is a unity between the external forms and internal energy. It focuses on Mind dominating Qi, the physical movements and mind join together and Qi cooperating with strength. Through … Continue reading Xing Yi

Ba Gua

Bagua Plam (Zhang) or the eight-diagram palm is one of the most popular styles of martial arts in China. Other names for bagua include Youshen Bagua (roving eight-diagram), Longxing Bagua (dragon-shaped eight-diagram), Xingyi Bagua (Xingyi eight-diagram boxing), Yinyang Bapan Zhang (positive negative eight-plate palm). It is one of three Neijia Fists (Neijia Fist means fists … Continue reading Ba Gua

Wing Chun (Yongchun)

Wing Chun (Wing Tsun or Yong Chun) is a splendid Chinese internal southern kung fu style. It is said Wing Chun was created by a female Shaolin Master called Wu Mei. She was also a great master in Shaolin white crane style. In Qing Dynasty (1644—1911), the Southern Shaolin Temple was set on fire by … Continue reading Wing Chun (Yongchun)


Sanda, ‘Chinese Kickboxing’, is also called Sanshou ,which roughly translates as “actual combat”. In the past, Chinese called it “technique fighting” or “striking”. The simple concept of Sanda is two people fighting against each other without weapons. The four attacking methods are Kicking, Hitting, Wrestling, and Controlling. Sanda combines using skill in pose and technique. … Continue reading Sanda

Chi Kung (Qigong)

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese energy (Qi) practice. Qi means energy, Gong means work. It is based on the concept of Qi energy which flows through the body. It is used for both medical and health purposes and to improve ones martial arts practice. Most Qi Gong is now a mixture between Taoist & … Continue reading Chi Kung (Qigong)

Tai Chi (Taiji)

Translated into English, tai chi roughly translates as: “supreme boxing,” “the root of all motion,” and “optimal fist fighting.” It is considered a martial art, but unlike the most combative styles, tai chi is based on fluidity and circular movements. Tai chi masters say that this gentle dance develops the flexibility of a child, the … Continue reading Tai Chi (Taiji)

Shaolin Boxing

Shaolin boxing is hard, strong, fast and according to the Chinese it is “filled with softness inside.” It is also plain and practical with every action, both attack and defense as well as in pose. As the old saying goes: practice in a place where only a cow can lie; such is shaolin boxing, you’re … Continue reading Shaolin Boxing

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About the academy

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How can I attend the Academy?

Step 1: Inquiry (contact us). Step 2: Apply online. Step 3: Pay $100 registration fee. Step 4: Apply for a Chinese visa & purchase flight tickets. Step 5: Arrange pickup. If you have any further questions feel free to send a mail to

Master Tang

Master Shi Yan Jian (Tang) is a 34th generation Shaolin Warrior Monk who learned martial arts at a young age. He graduated from the Tianjin University of Sport Martial Arts School and learned from Grandmasters Shi De Gen and Shi Yong Jie (Zhang Shijie). As the first and last disciple of Grandmaster Shi Yong Jie, … Continue reading Master Tang

Master Ning – Tai Chi & Qigong master

Master Jianxiang (Ning) is a Tai chi, Qigong, and Xinyi Master. Born in Xuzhou, the hometown of ancient Chinese martial arts, Master Ning has been studying martial arts for many years. Through his studies and practice, he has won the first prize of Chen style tai chi and the second prize of Chen style Tai … Continue reading Master Ning – Tai Chi & Qigong master

Grandmaster Shi De Qian

Grandmaster Shi De Qian (deceased) is the dearly beloved and highly respected Kung fu Master and founder of the Maling Shaolin Kungfu Academy in China. Today, his teachings are applied throughout the academy and they honor both his spirit and pass along his lessons and passion for Kung Fu styles. He was born in Henan, … Continue reading Grandmaster Shi De Qian

Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu is not a creation of one person, but an accumulation of works by millions of people. Shaolin Kung Fu is the pearl of Chinese wisdom, which was handed down by numerous generations of China’s top martial artists.
 Shaolin Kung Fu has a vast content and numerous forms. Here are some important aspects … Continue reading Shaolin Kung Fu

Master Bao (Shi Xing Jian) – Shaolin & Taichi Master

Shaolin Taichi Master Shi Xing Jian, also known as Master Bao, is the founder and headmaster of the academy. Master Bao is a 32nd Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk from the original Shaolin Temple. Master Bao is a Shaolin Tai Chi Maste, outstanding martial artist, a national first-level coach, and successor of Yi Jin Jing. He … Continue reading Master Bao (Shi Xing Jian) – Shaolin & Taichi Master

Avi Karia, 1 year Shaolin&wing chun.

Avi Karia, 26, male, England, one year Shaolin&sanda&wing chun&baji program.       First of all, if you are reading this, then you have already made the first steps in getting to China and studying martial arts. I thoroughly recommend that you do, and I promise you will not regret it! For me it was the best … Continue reading Avi Karia, 1 year Shaolin&wing chun.

Sabrina Bröckel, 6 months Shaolin.

German, female,18, 6 months Shaolin&qigong.    I want to thank all of you so much for everything you did for me. I learned a lot from every single person at Maling Shan Acadamy – both staff and students. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you. I really didn’t think spending half a … Continue reading Sabrina Bröckel, 6 months Shaolin.