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Welcome to Maling Shaolin Kungfu Academy China. We are specialized in teaching the traditional Chinese martial arts styles to foreign students. Whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced martial arts practitioner, you can learn and train Chinese martial arts and Shaolin kungfu in the tradtional way at our kungfu academy.

In addition, we provide warm meals and comfortable accommodation – as well as anything necessary to maintain the friendly and peaceful environment that gives our students the opportunity to evolve and learn, both as a person and a practitioner of Chinese martial arts.

The entrance gate to our kungfu academy    The brand new kungfu academy building  Kungfu academy in winter

About our kungfu academy

We are a small-scale academy that has been teaching international students since it was founded in later 2009 by the 32nd generation Shaolin Warrior Monk Shi Xing Jian – in daily training known as Master Bao. Master Bao is the headmaster and founder of the academy. He teaches the daily tai chi classes, as well as traditional Shaolin forms and several other kung fu styles.

On average there are 3 kungfu Masters teaching at the academy. During busy periods this is increased, so that students always train in groups of maximum 8 – 10 students per Master. Most of our Masters speak (at least basic) English, but we also have a translator living at the academy to help with communicating and questions about daily life.

At the end of 2013, the kungfu academy  moved to a new location. A brand new building was constructed with both indoor and outdoor training facilities, improved living quarters, a heating system and more. In addition, the academy is surrounded by a beautiful garden with a small pond. You can see what our building and facilities look like in the photos and videos section, or by watching the video below.

The Maling Shaolin Kungfu Academy is under the authorization of the Xinyi Government and Xinyi Education Bureau and is also approved by the Jiangsu Provincial Education Department.

Accommodation at our kungfu academy


All student rooms are located on the first floor of the building. The clean and spacious rooms are equipped for two people, and single rooms can be provided upon request (based on availability). There are two beds in each room with good mattresses, a large desk, a chair and a wardrobe. Bedsheets, blankets and pillows are provided for you as well (please note: towels are not included).

In summer, all rooms can get an electrical fan, and during winter the academy has extra warm blankets as well as electrical heating blankets to ensure students are comfortable all year.

Double room in our kungfu academy   Single room in our shaolin kungfu academy

Washing facilities:

Each floor of our kungfu academy is facilitated with western toilets and common washing rooms. There is a shower room for men and one for women, which include hot showers. The laundry room provides several laundry machines, which you can feel free to use at any time. Clothes can be dried on the drying racks and standing bars in the school yard and laundry room.

Men's shower room in our Kungfu academy   Our Kungfu academy has hot showers   Kungfu academy shower room - women



There are three meals a day, seven days a week. These are included in your tuition fee. Of course you can feel free to skip a meal; many students enjoy eating out during the weekends. The dishes vary every day and there are 3-4 different dishes a day which consists of rice or noodles and a a selection of vegetables, meat and/or eggs.

If you have any special dietary requirements, please let us know before you arrive. We can make adjustments for vegetarians, vegans and people with allergies. We can also help you order protein powder and other nutritional supplements if you would like to buy those here.

For  fresh fruits and other snacks, you can visit the little shops on the corner or go to Xinyi. The bigger supermarkets in the city also have a modest selection of imported (Western) food.

It is not recommended to drink tapwater in China, unless you boil it first. There are two hot water taps in the kungfu academy building, which provide hot water for tea and coffee 24/7. We also help you buy big bottles of drinking water (5L) from the local water factory.

Food served at our shaolin kungfu academy    Kungfu academy students having dinner

Location of our kungfu academy

Maling Shaolin Kungfu Academy is located in Maling Mountain National Park area (1.5 km from the academy to the park). It is considered a surburb of Xinyi City (county-level), Xuzhou City, and is situated in the northwest of Jiangsu Province.

Weather in this area

The summer is generally warm to hot with 25-35 degrees. Spring and fall are mild and very comfortable. The winter is dry and about -5 to 12 degrees Celsius.

Weather XuzhouRainfall Xuzhou

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